Heat makes the muscles more malleable allowing more trigger points to be accessible. The heat aids the foam rolling experience making it more pleasant, comfortable, and effective.


Vibration soothes the muscles helping to release trigger points and permeate deeper into the muscle.


Pressure assists in releasing fascial adhesions also known as "trigger points". With a specially chosen diameter of 4.5" The Salus Roller is more effective than the traditional foam rollers on the market.

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When limited by poor biomechanics, you
do less, perform less and experience less.

The Salus Roller integrates the therapeutic benefits of heat, vibration, and pressure into 

an innovative and modular tool that improves recovery and performance outcomes.

Reduce Pain Associated with tightness

Release trigger points and fascial adhesions soothing your muscles

Increase Circulation

Accelerates recovery and promotes healthy blood flow during and after your workouts!​

Increase Range of Motion

Relax and loosen your muscles giving you more flexibility

Improve Mind-Muscle Connection

With increased flexibility and circulation, have better connection during and after your workouts!​

Partnering With The Best

Working with NFL, NBA, MLB athletes, Olympia podium bodybuilders, and A-list actors, Andreas is an owner and the Head of Physiotherapy for Salus – his years of expertise and experience lead the R&D of all Salus products.

Andreas Saltas

The Bodmechanic


What Are The temperature settings?

The therapeutic temperature is 41°c. The Salus Roller has 3 temperature settings reaching upwards of 55°c:

1st setting: 35ºc
2nd setting: 45ºc
3rd setting: 55ºc

What are the vibration settings?

The Salus Roller has 3 vibration settings reaching upwards of 98hz:

1st setting: 48hz
2nd setting: 73hz
3rd setting: 98hz

how long is the battery life?

The Salus Roller consists of a rechargeable lithium ion battery with a full charge life cycle of over 90 minutes

How much does the salus roller weigh?

The Salus Roller comes in at a total of 9.6 lbs

What's the return policy and warranty?

Every member receives a 1 year limited warranty with their Salus Roller!

The return policy can be found in the terms & conditions through the footer below

What's included in the purchase

Every member receives the following with their purchase of a Salus Roller:

  • The Salus Roller: Innovative heat & vibration therapy device
  • Quick-Charge Wall Charger: Durable quick charging usb block and cable with the standard Northern American electrical port
  • Instruction Manual: User guide explaining how to use the Salus Roller safely and properly with outlines of how to roll out every part of your body (with a few hidden bonuses!)
  • Lifetime Access To Private Group: Unlock the community where you’ll get, upcoming product launch specials, workout breakdowns, insider recovery techniques, private lives with athletes & therapists, and MORE!